Research on Marketable Vocations in Herat Province – 2017

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Research on Marketable Vocations in Herat Province – 2017

Technical and vocational skills are among professions that Herat people have long used to make a living. In recent years, industrialization and technological progress has caused fundamental changes in the vocational field. The result is that demand for some vocations has decreased, some vocations have shown flexibility and are adapted to the changing market situation, while a number of new vocations have been introduced to the market.

Keeping pace with such changes requires regular research on vocations. This research tries to identify new vocations and also assess the marketability of marketable vocations.

This research is prepared in two chapters: marketable vocations at city and marketable vocations at district levels. It indicates current status of vocations in Herat city and the four districts (karukh, guzara, enjil and zendejan). In addition, the research identifies the operation area of some organizations working in TVET in four districts of Herat province in order to prevent projects’ duplication.

The research is conducted with financial and technical support of Help, in cooperation with the Department of Labor and Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (DoLSAMD) and Organization for Sustainable Aid in Afghanistan (OSAA). Findings of the research will be used as a reference to select marketable vocations to be offered in vocational training centers of DoLSA, Help and other partner organizations.

The research aims at collecting reliable information and related data on marketable vocations in Herat city and the surrounding districts of the city (Karukh, Enjil, Guzara, Zendejan). The main focus of the research to understand the saturation level of vocations considering the population of the city and the surrounding districts in order to identify the demand for new vocations in vocational training centers and mobile VTCs.

Report of the research can be downloaded from the following link:

Research on Marketable Vocations in Herat Market – 2017

Source: Help Media and Culture Department.

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