The Current Agriculture Status in Herat / Afghanistan

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The Current Agriculture Status in Herat / Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s economy is based on agriculture and animal husbandry, and around 75% of Afghanistan’s population is directly or indirectly involved. Furthermore, Afghanistan boosts of proper climate, rich soils, and plentiful water resources. Consequently, the country’s development program is focused on this sector which offers great chances for rural development and profitable investment.

Unfortunately, years of insecurity and concerns about employment led many Afghans to emigrate. These days, however, good opportunities and chances are provided in the country and in particular in Herat Province. Access to credits and agricultural services are provided by both governmental and non-governmental organizations and play a positive role for the promotion of agriculture in this country. Thus, agriculture will contribute to overcome unemployment in rural areas, and will provide decent jobs for all those who got professional training and work-experience at home or abroad.

The first priority for investment is the proper development and amelioration of thousands of hectares owned by the GoA. This land can be privately leased and exploited up to 90 years.

HELP’s agri-research group wishes to facilitate that process. We can offer information and support in the following issues:

1. How to access agricultural land?

2. How to access soft credits and bank loans?

3. Active and supporting organizations in the agri-sector

4. How to establish unions, associations and co-operatives?

5. How to contact and get help from successful returnees

For more Information about the current status and perspectives of agriculture in Herat/Afghanistan in (2009 & 2012-13) please download the following files:

To download Dari PDF brochure researched in 2009 Please Click Here

To download Dari PDF brochure researched in 2012-13 Please Click Here

To download PPT presentation Please Click Here

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