Second TVET and Employment Round-Table in Bamyan

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Second TVET and Employment Round-Table in Bamyan

Participants: Bamyan Department of Labor and Social Affairs/DoLSA, OBTA, Help INGO, UNHCR, Directorate of Refugees and Repatriates, Head of Education Supervision Unit, Head of Technical and Vocational Education Facility Unit, ABRAR NGO, RFDO NGO, SSSPO NGO, Labor Union, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Craftsmen Union, Salsal Company, Women market, Action Aid NGO and National Development Program for Rural Industries.

OBTA organized the second TVET Round-Table in cooperation with Help and DoLSA in Bamyan. The concept of Round-Table is getting institutionalized day by day in Bamyan. About 20 departments and organizations from Govt., INGOs, NGOs and private sectors have participated in this round and announced their cooperation.

In this round, all members from the first round attended and some Govt. offices (University, Education dept., and Municipality) were invited to this round. According to the agenda, at first the participants were briefed about first Round-Table. Participants explained their activities in terms of labor and vocational trainings. Head of DoLSA which has full cooperation with Round-Table, descripted the outlook of Round-Table and talked about importance of developing a network among Round-Table organizations.

In this round, all members finalized a title for this Round-Table (Bamyan Coordination and Development Labor Committee) to have a specific address for Round-Table. Besides, participants discussed some problems related to TVET.

Later the participants were divided in three working groups (youths and labor, Educations, labor and occupation) each group discussed challenges, opportunities and solutions and presented their works to other groups – SWOT analysis of TVET.

Participants agreed that on coming roundtable, they will discuss and draw an outline describing current challenges with TVET programs and solutions. This outline as a result of collective work will be presented to MoLSA so that long-term and sustainable commitments towards TVET programs is ensured.

Source: Help Media And Culture Department


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