Advanced training – 10-Day Fast Food class

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Advanced training – 10-Day Fast Food class

Based on the request of some graduates from Food Process and Dairy Class of Ansari VTC who established a restaurant named “Tahm Kada” in Jabrail, Ansari VTC in coordination with OSAA held a 10-day Fast Food class for these graduates and some other actual and former beneficiaries.

27 of beneficiaries from morning shift of Food Process and Dairy class, three graduates from the last round and two ladies from Women Cooperative participated in this class held for 10 days from 12.Aug.2017 to 23.Aug.2017 in two-hour sessions. The following is a brief description of curricula taught in this class:


First day: Principles of Fast Food Services Delivery:

  • It is expected the service be fast as it is fast food;
  • Every effort should be made to serve customers promptly, with serious attention to the high quality of services to the customers;

Second day: Fundamental principles of restaurant:

  • Appearance and excellent service are important because the way you are seen in the eyes of the customer, it has a direct impact on the food you provide.
  • Customers assume that employees who have not appeared in a proper and standard way will surely prepare the food and provide it without any concern to hygiene.

Third day: How to cook meat pizza, meat and mushrooms;

Fourth day: How to cook chicken pizza and special pizza;

Fifth day: How to cook Margherita pizza and Pepperoni pizza;

Sixth day: How to cook vegetable pizza and sausage pizza;

Seventh day: How to cook cold sandwich;

Eight day: How to cook hot sandwich;

Ninth day: How to prepare coffee;

Tenth day: How to prepare fruit juice.

It is worth mentioning that this class was held by Ms. Fatema Momen Abadi as the instructor and Mr. Azizulrahman Herawi as the assistant. The beneficiaries could learn updated issues relating to Fast Food and types of cold and warm beverages so that they can be more successful in their business.


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