The First ‘Guidebook’ on Herat Gets Unveiled

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The First ‘Guidebook’ on Herat Gets Unveiled

Monday, 08 August 2016

Today (Monday), the first “Herat Guidebook” was unveiled in Herat Department of Information and  Culture/DoIC in which Mr. Raoufian, head of the department, some members of Herat Provincial Shura including Ms. Somaya Ramesh, Culture Expert of Herat Governor’s Office, Mr. Matin, media representatives and some other officials of govt., nongovernment and cultural people of Herat attended.

In the unveiling ceremony of this book, Mr. Raoufian, head of DoIC said, “Herat Guidebook is a new step toward tourists’ attraction in the country.” He added, “All issues related to Herat province such as: customs, historical and tourism monuments, local foods and many other interesting places have been introduced in this book. A documentary about the book has been also been produced that will be released on cyberspace so that the people from all over the world get more familiar with Herat.”

Mr. Raoufian also named Help INGO as financial sponsor and Doorbin NGO as technical supporter of this project.

Ms. Elaha Froutan, Media and Culture Officer in Help INGO said, “There has not been any book in Herat to portray tourism attractions. Therefore, we have worked on this shortage and finally, publish this book successfully in both English and Dari versions.”

In the meantime, Ms. Somaya Ramesh, a member of Herat Provincial Council said that this book is an important reference to introduction of Herat. She, also, said the growth of tourism is an important factor for the economy growth of the country.

Mr. Anwar Matin, Culture Expert of Herat Governor’s Office, said that this book reflects cultural values of Herat province and can be a good guide for tourists. He added that Herat citizens, who have little information about the city of Herat, get enough information by reading this book.

Herat Guidebook has introduced the city, monuments, historical sites, local products, handicrafts and other characteristics of the city in order to provide a whole picture of the city for domestic and foreign tourists.

For now, around 1000 copies of the book have already been published, but in the future, another version of the book will be released. Experts of tourism believe that Herat can attract domestic and foreign tourists if the government and the people invest on introduction of Herat to tourists.


Source: Help Media & Culture Department


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