The First Interactive Exhibition of Communication and Culture Inaugurates in Herat

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The First Interactive Exhibition of Communication and Culture Inaugurates in Herat

Saturday, 08 April, 2016

The first Interactive Exhibition of Communication and Culture (IECC) was inaugurated on Saturday 02 April, 2016 in historical Citadel in Herat.

IECC was organized with the efforts of Herat Department of Information and Culture (DIC), technical cooperation of Doorbin Culture House and full-scale financial and technical support of Help INGO from Germany in the central building of Herat Citadel for public visit.

Herat Governor, Head of govt. depts., provincial council members, members of civil society, university professors, culturists, journalists and Help INGO staff attended the opening ceremony.

In the ceremony, Head of Herat DIC, Mr. Aria Raufiyan said: “This permanent exhibition is unique in Afghanistan. It is the first exhibition that lively shows the promotion in communication process among people from the early communicating devices until today.”

Herat governor, Mr. Mohammad Asif Rahimi, while indicating his happiness of establishing such a great exhibition in Afghanistan introduced it as an important research center.

IECC possess the valuable collection of old communicating devices. This collection was gathered with continuous efforts of Herat culturists and was repaired and polished by Help Media and Culture team and are permanently exhibited in IECC.

Organization of IECC can first illustrate the history of entrance, introduction and use of communicating devices such as radio, television, gramophone, photography and video camera and so on by Afghan people especially Herat culturist – scientist individuals and shows the interest of Herat residents in making contact with today’s civilized world.

Furthermore, this collection while having the historical value and importance, can be the resource for researchers and students of journalism, communications and history.

Moreover, it is expected that by organizing field trips for school and university students and all interested individuals, the evolving process of communication culture and communicating devices in the world and Afghanistan is introduced to new generations of this land.

Help capacity building program is funded by German Government. Under this program, besides other projects, Help has managed to support cultural entities and activities in Herat province in coordination with Herat DIC.

Directorates, Managements and various departments of Herat DIC such as Tourism Directorate, Etefaq-e-Islam newspaper, Herat Theater Directorate, DIC conference hall, and Information Directorate along with a remarkable number of private media and cultural entities benefited from Help’s technical, equipment, financial and capacity building supports.

IECC is open permanently in this building for public visit in accordance with regulations of Herat Citadel. Hopefully, relevant govt. authorities, patriot culturists and researchers will contribute in its promotion.


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