Graduation Ceremony of 242 Beneficiaries of “TVET and Job Facilitation Project” of Help INGO – July 2018

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Graduation Ceremony of 242 Beneficiaries of “TVET and Job Facilitation Project” of Help INGO – July 2018

Time: Tuesday, 10:00-12:00 a.m.

Date: 31 July 2018

242 beneficiaries (127 women & 115 men) graduated from Help TVET & Job Facilitation project after successful completion of six month training in advanced tailoring, dairy & food process, carpet weaving, mobile repair, home appliances repair & industrial electricity, MDF carpentry, beauty parlor and computer for ANAB (Afghanistan National Association of Blinds). Of these 242 graduates, 174 in Ansari VTC, 23 in ANAB and 45 in Neswan Association in Jabraeil benefited from Help vocational training.

These training are offered in accordance with the “Annual Research on Marketable Vocations” which is carried out by Help local partner, Organization for Sustainable Aid in Afghanistan / OSAA, in order to provide market-demanded jobs opportunities to the beneficiaries. Upon graduation, these beneficiaries enter labor market using cooperation and consultancies of OSAA Employment and Entrepreneurship Services Center / EESC.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Zabihullah Monib, Help Country Director, welcomed the guests and congratulated to the graduates of this program.

Mr. Monib said that these graduates were trained in a program on which we have been investing for years and with the support of our compatriots including Help employees, respected colleagues in DoLSA and partner I/NGOs, Unions of Labor, Craftsmen and professional people of Herat market, we could develop this program further. We believe that the regular and planned cycle of this program which includes vocational training, business start-up training, general education (literacy) training, how to interact with the customer and work in the market, job placement services and employment facilitation will help graduates earn a living.

Moreover, Mr. Monib added that BMZ / Ministry of Economic-Cooperation and Development of German Government has been the main donor of this program during 2017 and 2018. Meanwhile, WFP has been helping the beneficiaries with Food for Training / FFT.

OSAA cooperates and consults with these beneficiaries in offering Small Business training. Neswan and ANAB Associations have cooperated in offering special courses for women and disabled people. He expressed his gratitude to all these partners for their cooperation and support and hoped that with synergy we end up this program and successfully start new programs.

At the end, he added, “we ask German government specially BMZ to continue their assistance to Afghans and take part in rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan as they did significant contribution in the past decades in our country.

Then, a short film of a successful graduate of Help TVET program was shown to the participants to motivate the graduates to set up their own businesses.

After that, Mr. Afghan, Herat DoLSA head, first appreciated the hard work of all Help INGO employees and trainers in offering TVET courses and congratulated to the graduates of this program.

Mr. Afghan added, “Vocational training and providing job opportunities for the youth will increase work capacity and will have a good impact on the lives of the people in the community.” He addressed to the graduates and current beneficiaries of the training, “You have got a good training opportunity with the best standards and facilities. Therefore, you should consider this and use these opportunities with ability and endeavors, try to learn the vocation you are trained in and enter the labor market after graduation and try to create jobs for your compatriots.”

A number of government officials including Mr. Afghan, Herat DoLSA head, and his colleagues from this department, Labor director and Skill Development unit representative, Help INGO, OSAA, Neswan and ANAB directors and officers, deputy of Mine and Industry Dept. in Herat province, WFP representative, Help local partner companies directors, 242 graduates and trainers of VTCs, media representatives and some of current beneficiaries of VTCs participated in this ceremony.





At the end of this ceremony, toolkits which were prepared by Help were distributed to graduates so that they can start their own small businesses. The graduates of this program were so pleased and satisfied of learning a vocation and expressed their gratitude to Help INGO and other partner organizations offering such effective programs for the youth.


Source: Help Media and Culture Department

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