Mission Statement – The main features and activities of the ESC

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Mission Statement – The main features and activities of the ESC

A – Principles

  1. ESC serves the common good, non-profit, to establish a lasting public-private partnership.
  2. HELP shall design and implement in close cooperation with the line Ministry MoLSA / DoLSA. In the process, we shall also strive to empower other concerned governmental departments such as the Dep. of Economy & the Dep. of Finance, the Municipality of Herat
  3. The ESC is no isolated action; rather it will complement the long-term program of HELP and partners focusing on technical vocational & educational training “TVET” and capacity building.
  4. ESC will therefore make use of these structures and networks and the human and material resources available in the many Training Centers operated by Help, DoLSA, and other local and international organizations in Herat City and Province.

B – Support for Jobseekers

  1. The ESC shall offer services, advice and special training for jobseekers on subjects such as writing a CV, how to act in an interview, how to adapt to the different needs and expectations of employers: government, private companies, international and local organizations / associations.
  2. In addition to these basic trainings, the ESC will also offer advanced professional training and organize internships for specialists and for graduates from universities, so that they gain practical experience and get the ability to cover a wider range of tasks.
  3. ESC is also committed to advice institutions and organizations mandated to promote the rights and professional perspectives of workers and employees; in particular women and youth.

C – Support for Employers

  1. The ESC will establish regular interaction, and build a lasting cooperation-network with employers of all sectors who are ready to recruit jobseekers at fair conditions.
  2. In particular, we shall promote and support those “fair employers” who not only offer jobs but strive to provide fair work-conditions according to the standards set in the Afg. Labor Law, and offer on-the-job training and other internal promotional measures for their employees.
  3. In return for their commitment, ESC will design and hold specific courses to train specialized workers and young professionals according to the exact needs of these priority-partners.
  4. We shall also support these fair employers in any possible way, such as advice and training in administration and accounting, consultancy on tax- and labor laws, modern marketing, access to credit, and recommendation to potential business partners in Afghanistan and abroad.


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