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The Foundation

“Help – help for self-help” is a German non-governmental charity-organization duly registered with the courts of law in Germany and in several host countries, such as Afghanistan and Iran. Help was founded in 1981 by concerned Members of Parliament of all parties represented in the German Parliament. We started providing humanitarian assistance for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran, and soon extended to development-oriented activities. We provide aid and development-support regardless of race, creed or nationality. Priorities are set on the basis of need and upon the request from partners and vulnerable communities to cooperate fairly and transparently.

Help today

Over the past 35 years, Help has extended to worldwide operations. We are engaged both in emergency- and in development-programs. Whenever possible, we link emergency-aid with assistance for self-help. It is our aim to encourage the efforts of communities affected by disasters and political upheaval, while strengthening their capability to improve their living conditions and long-term perspectives. Typically, we offer high-standard and long term (6-12 months) vocational training in marketable skills (eg: office-management, Design& Advanced Sewing, beautician, electric, plumbing, secretary, accounting& administration and many other demanding skills); and build up the capacity of communities and key-staff in local government at district- and province- levels.

In this participatory approach, we are closely cooperating with indigenous partners and NGOs – confident that these are best familiar with local conditions, culture and needs. Thus, we complement local efforts and provide external assistance when needed. By covering immediate humanitarian needs while fighting their underlying causes, we are aiming at durable solutions and sustainable development.

In the continued effort to improve our efficiency and implement best practices, we coordinate our programs with national and international organizations, NGOs and UN-agencies. Help is a member of the German umbrella-organization for international relief “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” / ADH”.

Actual Help activities in Afghanistan

  1. Repatriation, vocational training and reintegration of Afghans from abroad
  • This action is based on solid institutional structures and qualified staff, our groundwork abroad and our good relations with governmental and civil society partners in the Provinces of Herat and Bamyan. It started in Jan/2008 and runs until Dec/2018 – with a high probability to be extended until 2021. Funded by Europeaid, the GoG / BMZ, and the WFP as major contributors – Help and local NGO-partners train more than 1.000 beneficiaries per year in 16 marketable skills, facilitate decent jobs and support lasting re-integration of graduated trainees in their homeland, where they are now making a fresh contribution to the civil rebuilding of Afghanistan.
  1. Capacity building for core-staff of local Government and civil society leaders at provincial- and district- level in Herat & Bamyan Provinces for approx. 500 trainees / year
  • Promoting good governance, efficiency and transparency of management and accountability through 6-months courses and specific seminars in Project Cycle Management and Leadership. Funded by the GoG / AA, the program started in 2008 and was paused on 31 March, 2016. We are trying to restart this project with the funds from Government of Germany.
  1. Partner structures: We cooperate with 2 properly registered local NGOs in all our activities, OSAA in Herat and OBTA in Bamyan. These partners either take over whole projects or components of projects.


As registered charity, we count on public donations for our projects and programs. In addition, we rely on funding from Governments, the EU and third parties. Our donors include:

  • European Commission / EuropeAid
  • European Community Humanitarian Aid Office / ECHO
  • German Foreign Office / AA
  • German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development / BMZ
  • United Nations: WFP, UNICEF, UNHCR,

Financial Control

Our legal status as registered charity obliges us to highest standards of transparency. Being a member of the German fundraising community, we voluntarily undergo an annual audit by the Central Federal Institute for Social Issues (DZI), Berlin, on the transparency of our financial management and the use of earmarked funds. A respective certificate – awarded and published on an annual basis by DZI – has regularly been confirming both the reliability and good management of our organisation.

Chairpersons of the Board of Help

  • Rudolf Bindig, (Chairman) former Member of German Parliament
  • Klaus-Jürgen Hedrich, (Vice-Chairman) former MoP, former Dep. Minister – BMZ

Management Team at Help HQ in Bonn:

Karin Settele, Managing Director –  Timo Stegelmann, Deputy Managing Director

Bianca Kaltschmitt, Deputy Managing Director

HQ in Germany: Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe – e.V., Reuterstr. 159, D – 53113 Bonn,

Tel:  +49 (0) 228 91529 – 34,       Fax: +49 228 – 915 2999 / website: www.help-ev.de

Special website on Afg. and our services for returnees in the country: www.welcomehome.af

Contact us in Afghanistan: info@help-org.af

We are looking forward to cooperate with you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Zabihullah Monib / Country Director for Afghanistan

Email add: taheri@help-ev.de

Cell #: +93(0)798101074

Kayu Orellana / Program Coordinator at Help HQ in Bonn, Germany

Email add: orellana@help-ev.de

Cell #: +49(0)228 91529-41

Herat, Feb, 2019