Asylum and Job Information Campaign

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Asylum and Job Information Campaign

Asylum and Job Information Campaign is a major component of OSAA-01 Project “Promotion of Employment Services and Asylum and Job Information Campaign” funded by Help International NGO.

This campaign that lasts 3-half days started in August, 2016 and  continued until November this year(2016). 750 beneficiaries, particularly young able Afghans – potential asylum seekers, including males and females with different ages and backgrounds benefit from the campaign. In addition, 200 out 750 bens  introduced to several employers, free training-courses and internship programs or were assisted to form or upgrade working-groups in the fields that have skills.

The content of the program includes a PPT on accurate information, risks and few chances of asylum, new asylum-seeking rules and regulations in European countries and existing employment and education chances in Afghanistan.  To further enrich the program, some guest-speakers who were in Europe were invited to share their experiences, real stories and lessons learnt to the bens. At the end, the bens had a field trip to Ansari Vocational Training Center to see vocational classes and get an idea of a marketable skill other than high school and university.


Since 25 July 2016, twelve rounds of the program have been implemented and around 640 bens benefited from this program. The 12 most successful cases/initiative groups were identified, introduced to different employers i.e. I/NGOs and bazaar or were assisted through provision of support-kits to restart their enterprise.

Source: Help Media and Cultural Unit