Ms. Alleya A successful case of “Advanced Tailoring Class”

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Ms. Alleya A successful case of “Advanced Tailoring Class”

After a six-month vocational training from vocational training centers of Help German INGO, a lot of graduated beneficiaries start working in the market. Miss Alleya, one of the beneficiaries of “Advance Tailoring Class” of Ansari vocational Training center, has started her work as a tailor in Women Services and Economic Cooperative after training and receiving consultation and support from Help INGO.

Alleya’s brief biography

I was born in Iran. When I was young, I returned to Afghanistan with my family and forced to get married. Unfortunately, besides the problems we had, my husband got addicted and our life got harder day by day. Not as professional tailor, I was tailoring at home to earn for my children’s food.

Trainig Advance Tailoring – The change in Alleya’s and her family’s life.

Fortunately, one day I heard about vocational training programs of Help INGO from one of my customers. I registered in Advanced Tailoring Class and started to learn tailoring. After being done with the training, I got introduced as a tailor in Women Services and Economic Cooperative and started working there. In this center, I was away from stress and anxiety that I had at home, besides that, life is now a lot easier for my children and me with the decent salary that I earn – 8000 AFN per month. Now my four children are socially and financially secured and can continue their studies and improve.

I have received good training and now I am working with the tool-kit I received from Help, and wish to be supported with more equipment.

I have many plans for my career development. I want to train a lot of trainees to help more women to have earning.

At the end, Ms. Alleya appreciated and thanked Help INGO, Organization for Sustainable Aid in Afghanistan/ OSAA NGO, WFP and other organizations and facilitators of this TVET program for facilitating training course in tailoring, small businesses and complementary support during and after the training course.

Source: Help Media and Culture Department


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