Ms. Riza Gul A successful case of “Food and Dairy Process Class”

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Ms. Riza Gul A successful case of “Food and Dairy Process Class”

So many women are living in our country who do not have any information about market and outdoor environment. They face lots of problems like; economic problems, but as they know nothing about work environment and lack any skills or education, they have to stay at home and spend their days with sadness and woe.

If these women are given vocational opportunities and supported with opening small businesses, they can have a better life with their families.

Help German INGO with its partners has provided such opportunities for needy individuals. Many people got benefited from these programs and are successful.

Riza Gol’ brief biography:

I am a housewife and was always at home, my father forced me to marry at early age. My husband was so poor and we had a hard life with our four children. My husband’s salary was not enough for us, so he had to leave us towards Iran to work. Unfortunately, I did not have any skill. As I got married at early age, I could not go to school and there was no job available for me.

Fortunately, with knowing about Help’s vocational training courses and registering my name in food process class of Ansari center, my life has changed. I could learn a skill in Ansari vocational training center and enter socio-economic life. After starting to work, I could support my family financially and have a better life.

Learning Food and Diary Process- A change in Riza Gol’s life and future’s plans:

Having finished vocational training course in Ansari VTC, Ms. Riza Gol was introduced to Women Service and Economic Cooperative by support and advice of Employment Service Center/ESC. Soon she could become the manager of the confectionery department of this center and earn 7000 AF monthly. She is satisfied with her job in a social environment and earning a monthly salary. She said that she had plans to work more on her skills and learn confectionery professionally and wishes to have a big company one day and put her name on one type of candy.

Riza Gol appreciates Help from Germany, Organization for Sustainable Aid in Afghanistan (OSAA), WFP and other organizations and facilitators of the this program during this training that provided services such as setting up small businesses and other complementary supports during training and after graduation.

Source: Help Media and Culture Department


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