Successful Group of Industrial Electricity Class

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Successful Group of Industrial Electricity Class

“Home Appliances Repair” & “Industrial Electricity” have been recognized as highest-paid vocational jobs in Herat market and many organizations have been offering training in these vocations in the VTCs. A large number of “Industrial Electricity” class graduates of Help Ansari VTC are working in different jobs and earning money.

Training in “Industrial Electricity” – business in accordance with trained-vocation

Seven graduates of Ansari VTC “Industrial Electricity” class have been introduced to Herai Donya Company, located in industrial park of Herat, by OSAA ESC as technicians in two day and night shifts. In coordination with the company’s officials, we could interview Ahmad Fahim, one of the most active graduates of this class, and got enough information. It should be noted that due to the high sensitivity and importance of their duties, we could not interview all of these people to get information about their work situation (they were busy functioning and operating machinery of the company). Other graduates of this class who were introduced to this company are as follows: Abdul Ghani, Rahmatullah, Zia-ul-Haq, Mohammad Gul, Abdul Sattar and Jawad. These graduates receive 10,000 – 15,000AFN salary based on type of work they are responsible for on monthly basis.

Ahmad Fahim is 20. He started learning electricity major in Herat Technical Institute after high school graduation. After he found out about Ansari VTC “Industrial Electricity” class and was eager to extend his knowledge, he joined this class in Ansari VTC. He added that although he learned basic and important topics in electricity major over two years course in the institute, but still he needed more comprehensive information and practical work.

Ahmad Fahim says that only three to four days after graduating from this vocation, in collaboration with OSAA ESC, he was introduced to Herai Donya Company as a technician. He has been working in this company for three months and is responsible for the maintenance of various machinery like packaging, scales and wrapping machines.

He added that during this short time he could get familiar with the technology of different machines in this company and repair and solve damages and problems of these machinery as much as possible. He also said that in the near future he intends to join bachelor’s degree with full preparedness and increase his knowledge in this vocation. It is noteworthy that these successful graduates are responsible in lines production of this company in groups of two-persons in the same line of production.

In the end, Ahmad Fahim appreciated OSAA, Help Germany, the World Food Program (WFP), and other organizations facilitating TVET program and providing technical and vocational training as well as employment services, and wish for continuity of such programs to assist and help other people in the community.


Source: Help Media and Culture Department

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