Successful Case of Advanced Tailoring Class

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Successful Case of Advanced Tailoring Class

Ms. Susan believes with hard work and perseverance in her trained vocation, she can reach to success and this way she can encourage, cooperate and lead others to grow and improve.

Lady Susan’s biography:

Lady Susan, 34, was born in a kind family. Then, her family decided to migrate. Lady Susan spent her childhood and adolescence days in foreign lands and after 14 years of migration, she returned to her homeland with her family. She got married at 18 and the result of this marriage is two daughters and one son. She keeps on her life smoothly with her small family and she is happy to live in her homeland and her children do not have to deal with migration challenges.

The motivation to learn tailoring:

One day, I went to a tailoring shop to order a dress for myself. After some day, when I went there to get my dress, unfortunately, it was not ready and it was not sewed the way I ordered. That night I had to wear a dress which was not sewed properly and since then I decided to learn this vocation myself.

After that, I began to gradually learn basics of tailoring and I could solve my family and my own problems. One day, I got informed of Help Ansari TVET program via Asylum Campaign workshop and then I joined Advanced Tailoring course of this VTC. I wished to serve my family and the community. I tried hard to learn this skill professionally so that I could serve my people.

Graduation and set up of a new business:

After graduation, Ms. Susan by using of her ability, perseverance, toolkits and OSAA ESC consultancies could set up a tailoring workshop named “Banoo Tailoring Production Workshop for Ladies”. She wanted to help other women to become self-sufficient.Presently, Susan is training 25 students in her workshop, all of them are very pleased with Ms. Susan’s teaching and manner. They receive and accept clients’ orders and currently make 30,000AFN monthly. They also believe that after training completion they can meet the family and other women’s dresses needs and economically support their families. Susan’s future plans: 

Ms. Susan has many plans for the improvement of her business in the future; she wants to set up a dress production workshop along with keeping this training workshop. Also, she is willing to step toward training and job creation for women.

Ms. Susan appreciates Organization for Sustainable Aid in Afghanistan (OSAA), Help from Germany, WFP and other organizations and facilitators of the this program during this training that provided services such as setting up small businesses and other complementary supports during and after graduation.


Source: Help Media And Culture Department


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