Successful working group of Advanced Tailoring class

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Successful working group of Advanced Tailoring class

Parisa and her classmates Farzana and Arezoo graduated from “Advanced Tailoring” class of Ansary VTC with excellent scores in June 2017. They created a working group with assistance of ESC and started up a small workshop. Ms. Parisa , 18, is the head of this group and she says provision of high quality products based on market demand is the main goal of this group.

Parisa is living in a family of 8 members including parents, sisters and brothers. She couldn’t continue her higher education due to family problems, so she started tailoring vocation. At the beginning, she sewed unprofessionally for her family members. But after she found out about Ansary VTC, successfully passed the entrance exam and joined “Advanced Tailoring” class to learn this vocation professionally.

Parisa’s father motivates her daughter a lot and has prepared a room as workshop for her daughter. Now Parisa provides financial support to her family. Parisa received technical and professional supports from ESC in various sections such as small business and support kits and has created a working group with her classmates. She says, “girls can also take great steps for their family through vocational skills and even beyond that for their community.” This group believes they will be able to start up a major production workshop in near future and gain trust in the market.

Miss Parisa with her team appreciate and honor OSAA, Help,

WFP and other organizations and

facilitators for providing small business training and sub-supports during TVET training that were complementary of Ansari TVET program.


Source: Help Media and Culture Department


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