Successful Case of MDF Carpentry Class

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Successful Case of MDF Carpentry Class


“MDF” carpentry course

The MDF carpentry vocation is one of the high income generating vocations in Herat market. Based on the researches carried out on this vocation, the results show that this vocation is highly demanded in the market. For instance, a large number of MDF carpentry graduates of the Ansari VTC of Help INGO are working and earning money in various occupations.

A successful case of MDF carpentry course – engaged in the trained vocation

After graduation from Ansari VTC, Jawad searched to find a job based on his trained vocation with cooperation and consultation of OSAA ESC in the market. Enjoying ability, talent and a good perseverance, he began working at a large MDF carpentry workshop named “Maihan MDF”. Today, to make an interview with him, we visited his workplace, he is one of the senior employees in the carpentry cutting unit of the workshop and his employer is very happy and satisfied with the work and honesty of Jawad and appreciates Help INGO for providing such opportunities for the youths.

Jawad is almost 18 years old. He spent his childhood in migration, then he returned with his family to his homeland, Farah province. He says that after returning to Farah, they were struggling with a lot of security problems and they realized that life in Farah is very difficult. So they decided to move to Herat. Having moved to Herat province and getting familiar with Help INGO TVET program, he joined Ansari VTC MDF Carpentry training course and could find work through this vocation.

Unfortunately, he has not been able to study and had no income. But now he is trained in a vocation and entered to the market so he is very happy. He says that he can earn 1,000AFN per week (which will be increased in the future) from working in this vocation and support his father economically and step by step he will make a bright future for himself. He adds that he wants to continue to work in this vocation in the future and to set up a similar workshop for himself and to improve his life. Since he is the oldest child of the family, he wants to support his younger brother and sister so that they can continue their education.At the end, Jawad appreciated OSAA, Help from Germany, World Food Program (WFP) and other partner organizations for facilitating vocational training and employment services and he wishes good luck and success for everyone.


Source: Media and Culture Department

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