The Story of Mrs. Anis Gul – a successful case of Help Advanced Tailoring Class

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The Story of Mrs. Anis Gul – a successful case of Help Advanced Tailoring Class


A good number of graduates from “Advanced Tailoring” class of Help Ansari VTC could achieve success in their trained vocation individually or in working groups after receiving TVET and supportive services from OSAA ESC.


Brief description on Ms. Anisgol life

Ms. Anisgol was born in a destitute family in Ghoryan District of Herat in 1987. It’s been ten years from her marriage and she has a seven-year-old boy. Unfortunately, she lost her husband because of sickness six years ago. Since then, Anisgol has been the only breadwinner of the family and has had many problems and hardships. She and her sisters with one of Anisgol classmates created a working group after graduation from “Advanced Tailoring” class of Ansari VTC. They get orders from Herat market, complete the work based on desired design and return them back to the owners.

Training in “Advanced Tailoring” – Evolution in Anisgol and her working group lives

Ms. Anisgol was learning basic tailoring with her older sister at home before participating in “Advanced Tailoring” class of Help Ansari VTC. But once she graduated from Ansari VTC, she started to produce clothes professionally and received orders from Herat market. She and her sister with one of her classmates – Ms. Sohaila – make more than 10,000AFA monthly having three tailoring machines in a rented-house in Herat downtown. She added that in the winter they receive fewer orders from the market but during spring and warm weather she anticipates an income of more than 15,000AFA monthly.

She said that before they received support kits from OSAA Employment Services Center they were not able to accept some orders from clients due to lack of working tools. But after Tracer Study which was carried out by OSAA ESC, they have been identified and selected as a successful working group deserving to receive support kits and this boosted their work and increased their income.

Ms. Anisgol says that she and her working group plan to expand their work and by investing more they want to have more numbers of women working with them.

Anisgol appreciates OSAA, Help INGO, WFP and other organizations in facilitating TVET program that paved the ground for her to learn her vocation of interest and also provided her some complementary training in small business with supportive services during and after training.


Source: Help Media & Culture Department


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