Successful cases of “Advanced Tailoring Class”

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Successful cases of “Advanced Tailoring Class”

Training “Advanced Tailoring” vocation is one of the most popular and the most income generating vocation in Herat market for women. This vocation is trained by various organizations in VTCs. Ansari VTC could successfully train and graduate a large number of interested women in this vocations. These graduates received follow up complementary support and job related services from OSAA ESC which helped them find job or establish their own small businesses.

In the following, we will read information about Ms. Arefa’s life and work, on behalf of both successful graduates of “Advanced Tailoring” class.

Ms. Arefeh’s brief biography – one of the active graduates of “Advanced Tailoring” class.

Ms. Arefa is originally from Kabul province. After she completed the 9th grade, due to economic difficulties and lack of job, she moved to Herat province with her family. After they settled in this province, due to not having a strong financial support, she couldn’t continue her education. For this reason, she thought of learning a skill to make a living. Having received enough information from one of her friends, she became aware of TVET programs in Ansari VTC and after successfully passing the entrance exam, she joined “Advanced Tailoring” class in this center.

Training in “Advanced Tailoring” – Recruitment in “Teb Andishan” Company

Two graduates of the “Advanced Tailoring” class of Help Ansari VTC were introduced by OSAA ESC to “Teb Andishan” company which produces medical clothing. Ms. Arefa and Ms. Masouda, who have been classmates in the six-month training of “Advanced Tailoring” in Ansari VTC and also have been among the most talented and active graduates of this class, were able to obtain a full satisfaction from the company’s heads and got hired. It is worth mentioning that the company is located in the industrial town of Herat province, despite the long distance and bearing different challenges these women are ready to work in this company.

Arefa says, “To start work with this company she was initially seriously opposed by her elder brother, but after some time she could win the trust of her brother and family. She added that she feels comfortable working in the company because it has a fully women-oriented environment and she sews medical clothing daily with more than 50 other women at the company. She says, “the company payment for these ladies is in percentage depending on completion of each clothing and since she has just begun to work, she is not speedy enough comparing to her female colleagues to complete more clothing daily.” Despite this issue she still has about 8,000AFN income monthly and she says that with gaining more experience and having faster sewing speed, she can earn up to 15,000AFN per month.

She added that after graduating from this vocation and gaining the ability and enough skill, she could sew her own and her family needed clothing professionally. Also by getting orders from the market along with working in this company, she could generate income for herself and family.

In the end, Arefeh and Masouda appreciated from OSAA, Help INGO, World Food Program (WFP) and other organizations who facilitated TVET program, as well as employment services, and wished for continuity of such programs to help and assist other people in the community, in particular, women.


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