Successful Working Group of Mobile Repair Class

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Successful Working Group of Mobile Repair Class

The story of Parwiz, a successful Case of “Mobile Repair” Class

Parwiz and his classmate, Najibullah, believe that staying in their homeland can provide them better opportunities to grow up and make a bright future for their occupation and education. These two classmates together have sat up a small business. They are very motivated to develop their business and improve their economic and social life conditions.

Parwiz biography and setting up a small business

Parwiz, a 23 year-old-boy, has spent his childhood and adolescence in migration with his family and had a very tough time. They have gone through difficult days in migration until they came up with the decision that it will be better to put an end to these problems and return to their own country. Parwiz returned to his homeland with his family from IslamQala border and then visited his relatives. Through this, he was introduced to Help INGO and Ansari VTC and entered “Mobile Repair” course.

During six months of training, he learnt this vocation perfectly and benefited of other services such as setting up small businesses and complementary supports during the training. It is noteworthy that these two began their business by investing just 12,000AFN and now, after spending several months of working, they have been able to raise it to 25,000AFN.

Perwiz was always thinking that he should find a job after graduation of TVET program. So, he got into the market after graduation and started to work with personal endeavor, perseverance and got advice from the trainer and OSAA ESC team and opened a shop for himself along with his classmate, Najibullah.

Future plans

Parwiz and Najibullah want to boost their business and continue their education too. They have designed many plans to make a bright future for themselves. They are both very satisfied with living in their own country with their own people and being able to provide services. They add that their dream is to have a large mobile repair workshop someday with several workers so that they can train others as themselves and create job opportunities for them. They appreciate Help INGO, Organization for Sustainable Aid in Afghanistan (OSAA), WFP and other partner organizations that facilitated this program that could have brought changes to their career.


Source: Help Media and Culture Department


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